Invited Talks

Progressive Learning.
Singapore, Aug 2020.

Linguistic and Paralinguistic Speech Recognition.
Menlo Park, USA, Dec 2017.

Learning from Data and Prior Knowledge.
Redmond, USA, Oct 2017.

Will Deep Learning Lead to AI?
Swinburne University.
Melbourne, Australia, Sep 2017.

Will Deep Learning Lead to AI?
Melbourne Machine Learning & AI Meetup.
Melbourne, Australia, Aug 2017.
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The Types of Power Quality Problems and their Effects on Electrical & Electronic Systems.
Fire Protection Association of Malaysia (FPAM).
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mar 2014.

Conference Presentations

Large Scale Audiovisual Learning of Sounds with Weakly Labeled Data.
29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).
Yokohama, Japan, Jan 2021.

On the Transferability of Representations in Neural Networks Between Datasets and Tasks.
Continual Learning Workshop, 32nd Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2018).
Montréal, Canada, Dec 2018.

On Data-driven Approaches to Head-related Transfer Function Personalization.
Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention 143.
New York, USA, Oct 2017.

On the Correlation and Transferability of Features between Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Emotion Recognition.
17th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech).
San Francisco, USA, Sep 2016.

A Deep Learning Framework for Hybrid Linguistic-Paralinguistic Speech Systems.
2nd Interspeech Doctoral Consortium.
Berkeley, USA, Sep 2016.

Modeling Subjectiveness in Emotion Recognition with Deep Neural Networks: Ensembles vs Soft Labels.
29th International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN).
Vancouver, Canada, Jul 2016.

Towards Real-time Speech Emotion Recognition using Deep Neural Networks.
9th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ICSPCS).
Cairns, Australia, Dec 2015.

The Impact of DFIG and FSIG Wind Farms on the Small Signal Stability of a Power System.
5th International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS).
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jun 2014.

Real-time Implementation of a Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller to Control a DC Servomotor with Different Defuzzification Methods.
18th International Conference on Methods & Models in Automation & Robotics (MMAR).
Miedzyzdroje, Poland, Aug 2013.

Panel Discussions

Talking Computers: How Voice Technology is Changing the Human Machine Interaction.
ACMI X, Academy Xi, and FAB9.
Melbourne, Australia, Jun 2018.