Dec 2019: At NeurIPS’19, Vancouver.
Nov 2019: Paper: Temporal Reasoning via Audio Question Answering, on ArXiv.
Oct 2019: Paper: Sound event classification and detection with weakly labeled data, at DCASE’19.
Jul 2019: At ICML’19, Long Beach.
Feb 2019: PhD Thesis: Continual Deep Learning via Progressive Learning!
Dec 2018: At NeurIPS’18, Montréal, to present On the transferability of representations in neural networks between datasets and tasks at the Continual Learning Workshop.
Aug 2018: Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Facebook Research, Seattle.
Jun 2018: Panel discussion at ACMI X, Melbourne, on Talking Computers: How Voice Technology is Changing the Human Machine Interaction.
Feb 2018: Teaching Assistant at RMIT for postgraduate COSC1295 Advanced Programming and undergraduate EEET2169 Image Processing.
Dec 2017: At NIPS’17, Long Beach.
Nov 2017: Paper: MatDL: A lightweight deep learning library in MATLAB, in JOSS.
Nov 2017: At World Youth Forum (WYF’17), Sharm El Sheikh.
Oct 2017: At AES’17, New York, to present On data-driven approaches to head-related transfer function personalization.
Sep 2017: Talk at Swinburne University, Melbourne, on Will Deep Learning Lead to AI?
Aug 2017: Talk at the ML / AI Melbourne Meetup, on Will Deep Learning Lead to AI?
Aug 2017: At ICML’17, Sydney and IJCAI’17, Melbourne.